Pennslyvania Primary Care Career Center


Clinical rotations and preceptorships are a great way to get to know nurse practitioners, masters-level social workers and other hard-to-find providers and employees.

The need has never been greater. Universities across Pennsylvania and the nation expand existing programs and open new ones to train physician assistants, nurse practitioners, future LCSWs and other primary care clinicians.

Meanwhile, Community Health Centers struggle to find qualified candidates who understand their patient populations and are a fit for the mission of serving the underserved.

There’s no doubt hosting rotations is time consuming for your providers. But many preceptors find the experience rewarding and there are ways to compensate them for their time.

PACHC Webinar on hosting nurse practitioner rotations

The Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center has been working with a variety of programs to help them find preceptorship locations. Contact us if you wish to host clinical rotations or if you need clinical rotations.