Why work for a Community Health Center?

Earn a living where your heart is

Quality of Life

Regular business hours with minimal call or hospital rounds make Community Health Centers an idea workplace for folks with families and who appreciate time to do more than work. You will earn a competitive salary and benefits while delivering quality care.

Clinical Autonomy

Clinical decisions are best left to the clinician. At a Community Health Center, you and your healthcare team get to control your own work, providing quality .

Career Satisfaction

Underserved populations know what it’s like to NOT have health care. So, your work will be greatly appreciated. You’ll never doubt the necessity of what you’re doing or the rewards of doing it.

Loan Repayment

Student loan debt can be crushing. But federal and state loan repayment programs can help. Want more information? Contact Judd Mellinger-Blouch.

Quality of Care

Community Health Centers report quality data to the federal government and it’s reported to the public. That’s why they’re accustomed to providing data-driven, high-quality care. Most health centers are Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

Why Live and Work in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a beautiful and diverse state with towns and cities that provide art and educational opportunities as well as a wide expanse of scenic rural areas with breathtaking beauty.

Group of health care professionals

Preceptorships can help your recruitment

Universities and colleges continue to open up new physician assistant, nurse practitioner, behavioral health providers and other primary-care-clinician training programs to meet the growing need. This is increasing the need for clinical rotations and preceptorships.

While these can be time consuming for your providers, they also can lead to fulltime employment for the students whom you host. The Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center has been working with a variety of programs to help them find preceptorship locations.

Job Search FAQ

The Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center is here to help you find a job that fits your values, a place where you can earn a living where your heart is. How do we do it?

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