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Sadler Health Center, Carlisle – CRNP

Job Description

POSITION: Family Nurse Practitioner
REPORTS TO: Medical Director


Tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues. All procedures or other job related tasks that involve an inherent potential for mucous membrane or skin contact with blood, body fluids, or tissues, or a potential for spills or splashes of them, are Category I tasks. Use of appropriate protective measures should be required for every employee engaged in Category I tasks.


Support mission and goal achievement, organizational quality and patient-centered care. Incorporate core organizational values of quality, respect, partnership, compassion, and integrity in all activities and decisions. Function as a nurse practitioner in an out-patient primary health care clinic serving the uninsured and underinsured of the area. Utilize professional skills in providing diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic health problems along with preventive care focused on health risk factor reduction. Ensure efficient and effective patient care through joint planning and problem solving with clinic staff. Provide care consistent with medical best practices and the policies and procedures of the organization. Protect the dignity, privacy and confidentiality of patients and their families, as well as co-workers and others. Key positions require attendance and commitment to the position.


1. Perform history taking, physical examination, diagnosis and therapeutic treatment planning within the limits of a nurse practitioner’s license.
2. Order diagnostic testing as indicated.
3. Interpret results of diagnostic testing and plans appropriate follow-up with individual patients taking into account their physical, emotional and financial resources.
4. Include basis principles of healthful living and health risk reduction as part of patient encounters.
5. Oversee activities of nurses and medical technologists to ensure consistent and coordinated patient care.
6. Respond to request for medication refills in a timely fashion.
7. Make referrals to staff physician and specialists as necessary.
8. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with members of the general medical community.
9. Maintain accurate and legible records.
10. Attend scheduled staff and medical staff meetings unless excused.
11. Provide input into development of medical policies and protocols.


1. Knowledge of nurse practitioner principles and techniques.
2. Knowledge of methods ensuring safe working environment for patient, family and staff including using appropriate personal protection equipment.
3. Knowledge of theories of family dynamics, mother-child attachment, parenting and adult learning concepts.


1. Skill in gathering and analyzing physiological, socioeconomic and emotional patient data.
2. Skill in accurately evaluating patient problems in person or via phone and providing appropriate advice, intervention or referral.
3. Skill in evaluating and revising care plan based on patient changes.
4. Skill to assess a situation, consider alternatives and choose an appropriate course of action.
5. Skill to participate effectively as a team member by supporting change, decisions and other staff, and by managing conflict appropriately.


1. Master of Science in Nursing.
2. Current PA license to practice as a Nurse Practitioner with prescription authority.
3. Minimum of two years experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
4. Current DEA number.
5. Current basic life support care.
6. Experience in performance of basic outpatient lab procedures preferred.
7. Ability to work independently.
8. Ability to work as a member of a team.
9. Willingness to work a flexible schedule when circumstances necessitate.
10. Support and contribute to effective safety and risk management efforts by adhering to established policies and procedures, maintaining a safe environment, promoting accident prevention, and identifying and reporting potential liabilities.



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