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Pinnacle Health System, Harrisburg – REACCH Dentist

REACCH Dentist

Provides acute and chronic care services for HIV-infected ambulatory adult and adolescent patients encompassed by the Dental Practice Act of Pennsylvania. Provides public health outreach and patient education to all patients to ensure optimal oral health. Collaborates with providers and support services in the outpatient setting to ensure comprehensive care of REACCH patients.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Must have current Pennsylvania licensure as to practice dentistry in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
• Minimum of two years’ experience in general dental practice.
• A working knowledge of the community and the ability to link clients to services in the community as necessary.
• Demonstrated competence for working with diverse populations.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Two to three years of dental experience in a community health setting.

Primary Duties:

Assessment and care:
• Provide comprehensive oral health care to patients including simple exodontia, endodontics, removable prosthetics, fixed prosthetics, restorative dentistry, periodontal services and referrals to local specialists as appropriate.
• Conduct routine hygiene and cleaning when necessary.
• Provide oral health education to patients.
• Perform duties of general dentistry in the context of Pennsylvania Dental Practice Act.
• Assess and appropriately respond to patients’ reservations and anxieties about dental work.
• Observe strict adherence to OSHA precautions and work control protocols, ensuring that all equipment is properly cleaned.
• Protect patients and providers by adhering to infection control policies and protocols.
• Assure that all state regulations for licensure of the staff, facility and equipment are maintained and up to date.
• Oversee all regular maintenance of dental equipment and supplies.
• Reviews and augments health and medical history in the EHR.

• Develop treatment plans
• Identifies appropriate diagnostic tests.
• Identifies appropriate non-pharmacological interventions.
• Develops a patient education plan in collaboration with the dental assistant.
• Documents pertinent, concise, factual information in the patient’s record.
• Provides timely data to the Program Manager.

• In collaboration with the Program Manager, develop a strategic plan for dental services that works in coordination with the medical and social service components of the REACCH Program.
• Participate in a monthly clinical quality improvement meeting.
• Make recommendations for clinical and process quality improvements.

Secondary Duties:
• Participates in REACCH staff meetings and quality meetings as requested.
• Participates on dental Clinical Quality Improvement committee.
• Participates in continuing education programs related to oral health and HIV and reviews current literature in order to maintain knowledge base.
• Provides in-services to ambulatory staff as needed.
• Perform all other duties as required to support the REACCH Program’s mission to serve patients.
• Other duties as assigned.

Human Relations/Contact and Communications:
• Must be able to communicate effectively.
• Relates professionally and courteously to patients, families, physicians and other health care team members.
• Must demonstrate by his/her own behavior a strong sense of commitment to patient care.
• Treats each person as an individual with respect, dignity, and with consideration for cultural diversity.
• Protects each person’ legal and moral right to confidentiality.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:
• Must be able to lift, push or shift object/persons of variable weights.
• Must be able to maintain high levels of mobility.
• Must be able to deal with highly stressful situations and changing events.
• Requires maximum dexterity to perform various procedures and examination of patients.
• Requires visual and communicative ability.



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