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Philadelphia FIGHT, Philadelphia – PrEP Programs Manager

Job Responsibilities

Supervision of all PrEP activities at FIGHT Health Centers
• Work closely with Medical Director of PrEP Programs to oversee PrEP practices at FIGHT, including:
o Develop short- and long-term strategic plans for PrEP program with achievable goals
o Increase number PrEP patients served each year by 20%
o Oversee quality of PrEP care provided across sites
o Stay up-to-date on cutting edge research and other innovative practices as they relate to PrEP
o Report regularly to Medical Director (at least weekly) on status of PrEP program and challenges
• Provide supervision to PrEP Adherence and Retention Coordinators at practice sites, including:
o Regularly scheduled meetings with Y-HEP and JBC PrEP Coordinators
o Annual evaluation of Y-HEP and JBC PrEP Coordinators
o Hands on trouble-shooting to assist them with challenges related to PrEP provision
• Maintain ongoing communication with Medical Director of PrEP Programs and Chief Operating Officer regarding PrEP programs
• Develop and maintain policies and procedures for PrEP Programs
• Oversee, in conjunction with Medical Director of PrEP Programs, rotating interns/students in PrEP program
• Support and promote PrEP-related research activities carried out at FIGHT health centers

Monitoring and Evaluation of PrEP Programs
• Regularly evaluate and monitor PrEP program outcomes across FIGHT health centers, including:
o Number of patients served at each site
o Number of new patients accessing PrEP each quarter
o Number of patients lost to care each quarter
o Identify and address barriers to program growth
• Develop policies and practices that specifically monitor and maximize adherence to PrEP across sites, including use of patient self-report, urine tenofovir testing, pharmacy refill patterns, and other methods that become available
• Maintain concise documentation and service notes according to FIGHT standards; including chart notes, access timelines, refill timelines, etc.

Coordination of Care Across FIGHT Health Centers to Support PrEP Program Growth
• Implement best practices programs and quality improvement plans across FIGHT health centers
• Coordinate medication access to support stream-lined PrEP initiation across sites
• Work closely with Philadelphia FIGHT Medical Director, Institute of Community Justice Program Director, Lax Center Administrative Director & Practice Administrator; Y-HEP Program Director, and Practice Coordinators of FIGHT CHCs
• Work with HIV Testing & Counseling Director to support integration of testing with PrEP referrals
• Work with Pharmacy Program Manager to ensure compliance or address issues that may arise
• Work with clinicians to ensure proper treatment and follow up of participants in the PrEP program
• Work with Benefits Coordinators to ensure that all PrEP patients are enrolled in insurance if eligible
• Provide on-going staff training to support consistent protocols and best practices across sites
• Liaise with pharmacy and drug manufacturer as needed to ensure program is running seamlessly
• Work to seamlessly integrate PrEP program with other FIGHT contracts and programs and ensure compliance with funding streams
• Work with staff to increase PrEP buy-in and ensure that staff are appropriately trained

PrEP Advocacy, Training, & Outreach
• Oversee PrEP external outreach efforts with goal to increase new referrals, including:
o External/ Community trainings to increase PrEP access and referrals to FIGHT
o Public speaking at local, regional, and national conferences to increase visibility
o Coordinate grassroots outreach efforts in the community to increase awareness of PrEP
• Conduct internal staff trainings across FIGHT to ensure all staff are trained on PrEP and that all programs are working to integrate PrEP into HIV prevention conversations Provide technical assistance and capacity building for providers and PrEP programs locally and nationally via trainings and webinars

Be Knowledgeable About Clinical Aspects of PrEP Provision
• Understand general aspects of clinical provision of PrEP, including components of PrEP medication(s), how PrEP is prescribed, laboratory assessment at PrEP initiation and for ongoing routine safety assessment, potential side effects of PrEP and relevant drug-interactions
• Be (or become) knowledgeable about post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and how to decide which patients are PEP candidates rather than PrEP candidates
• Be (or become) familiar with critical PrEP trials including iPrEX, Partners PrEP, TDF2, Bangkok Trial, iPergay, Fem-PrEP, VOICE trial, Partners Trial, etc. involving different populations of patients taking PrEP
• Have a general knowledge of symptoms and diagnosis of other sexually transmitted infections

General Administrative Tasks
• Report directly to Chief Operating Officer including turning in biweekly time sheets, vacation requests, and monthly supervision sessions
• Assist with chart reviews, review billing coverage of test codes, and maximize clinic flow related to PrEP
• Participate in QI meetings, PrEP team meetings and Health Center meetings, etc. as necessary
• Provide timely reporting information for all grants that incorporate PrEP

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health (or related field) is required; Master’s Degree is preferred
2. Minimum of three (3) years of supervisory experience highly preferred.
3. Demonstrated skills in leadership, communications, time management and team building.
4. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively with clinicians and patients.
5. Ability and desire to work with diverse populations.
6. Experience and desire to work with all segments of adolescents and young adults is required; experience and desire to work with LGBTQ youth is preferred.
Initial probationary period is three months. Benefits including health benefits as per employee handbook begin on the first day of work.

Physical Demands:
• Ability to continuously stand, walk or sit.
• Ability to bend, climb stairs frequently.
• Ability to lift up to 10 pounds infrequently.
• Ability to squat occasionally.

Work Environment:
• Generally works in a clinical office environment but may occasionally be required to perform job duties outside of the typical clinical setting.



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