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Cornerstone Care, Waynesburg – Dentist

Practice info – Thriving practice in Waynesburg, PA State of the art dental office. Beautiful surroundings.

Area Description – Greene County has one of the lowest per-capita incomes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as having one of the highest unemployment rates at 6.7%. Low-income households account for more than 44.1% of all Greene County households, compared to the state average of 29.6%; 15.9% of the population lives in poverty, 72% of which have children under 18 in the same household. Those of the population below 200% of poverty are 51% and the individual per capita income is $14,959. A low-income population is more prone to develop chronic health conditions. Many patients without access to consistent primary care end up in emergency rooms—reducing the quality of care and increasing the costs to our health care system.

Though the county possesses one of the highest poverty rates in the state, many who live there possess a strong sense of independence. Many are distrustful of outsiders, government and authority; sentiments that probably can be traced back to the Whiskey Rebellion that protest federal taxes. Despite strong currents of independence, most folks who live there are ready and willing to pitch in together to solve a problem or help a neighbor. While the county may not have all the resources it could use to overcome its disadvantages, it is blessed with many important assets and strengths that we collectively continue to build upon in addressing our problems. Moreover, the colloquialism “making do” illustrates a cultural propensity toward resourcefulness that is probably a legacy of the county’s agricultural heritage. We are adept at doing a lot with a little, or, to put it another way, “getting the biggest bang for the buck.”

The county’s economy was at one time dominated by agriculture and, more recently, by coal mining. Today, coal-mining jobs have dramatically decreased as coal seams are depleted; production moved to the western states and technology is less labor intensive. Today, there is little manufacturing, a relatively weak retail base and sparse economic growth. Greene County has not enjoyed the economic growth experienced to its north (Pittsburgh) and to its south (Morgantown, West Virginia). A significant portion of the population in the area goes to communities in northern West Virginia for commercial and other services.
Many male residents have seasonal employment, requiring travel during peak construction times of the year to find jobs, leaving their families at home. These jobs traditionally do not provide health insurance for seasonal employees or their dependents.
Greene County also has farm families whose sole income is derived from agricultural activities. These are non-corporate farms, whose marginal profits make private health insurance cost-prohibitive. There are also older residents who have a lifelong reliance on farming for their existence and, as a result, have not paid into the system and do not have Medicare upon retirement.


Patients Served – [patientsserverd] On Call Time – No
Do you take J-1’s: Yes
Salary – Neg
Benefits – Dentist 80% discount when our dentists are used. Health Insurance paid by Cornerstone Care. Approximately 30 days PTO CME



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